Finally Finished!

I’m finished!!! Here is the link to the main logo page:

Here are the links to the others:


Eagle motors

Hollywood Pics




PS. I updated my website too! All bugs are fixed


Almost There!!!!

So now that I completed all seven websites, one for the main logo page and the others for the actual logos, I feel good. Now it is about uploading  and connecting the web pages together. Now just a little bit longer and  it shall be done……..

Progress Report….

So far I feel like I completed the logos and variations that go along with them. Now I am making sure I have the in jpeg or png format to post.  I feel that maybe I should do a little advertising for the new revamped logos as if they never went anywhere.  Also I want to post the on their own website, but in the interest of time I may use a free template… Idk yet but I can say that me progress is on time as I planned

So Far…

Well so far Im progressing with the logos to get the just right.  I also ventured into making posters for about three of the companies as if they were still up and running with the new logo attached to them (a little advertising). well now is the time for some debugging of the website…. Then after that I plan of fixing the finishing issues with the logos .

Logo Progress…

So far I have completed some renditions of my logos. For some of them I had to change my ideas. I worked in Photoshop and Illustrator my logos. So here are my products along with the original logo…








Eagle Motors




logo 1


logo 2








logo 1


logo 2






logo 1









logo 1













Hollywood Pictures



logo 1






For each logo I did a normal size logo and a small logo to show what it would look like at a smaller scale. I also have some in color just to show that it can be a successful logo in black and white and color.




The list of logos

Here is a list of defunct companies that I am going to recreate their logo.



AMC- American Motors: images

Defunct:1988                                 Founded:1954

* Created by merge of Nash-Kelvinator Corp. and Hudson Motor Car Company.

*Largest merge in U.S corporate History.

Specialized In:

Automobiles, Delivery Vehicles, Military Vehicles  etc..




-Eagle Wagon

Cause Of Defunct:

-major stock hold (Renault) was experiencing financial troubles

-Bought out by Chrysler and changed to Eagle Division at Chrysler




Eagle Motors: Eagle_logo

Defunct:1999                           Founded:1988

*founded after Chrysler bought out AMC Motors.

*was original AM car model.

*Instead of changing, Chrysler re-branded Eagle Motors

Specialized in:

-Eagle Talon

-Eagle Premier

-Eagle summit

-Eagle Vision

Cause Of Defunct:

-EagleMotors struggled to market itself

-having to team up with Jeep, Eagle Motors failed to catch recognition and discontinued



Midway Game Studios: images-1

Defunct: 2009                             Founded:1988

*Founded in 1958 as amusement game manufacturer

*In 1973 turned into arcade game manufacturer

*In 1988 turned into a video game publisher by WMS Industries

Specialized in:

-Space Invaders


-Ms Pac-Man

-Mortal Kombat

Cause Of Defunct:

-Filed bankruptcy after losing profit.

-Bought out by WB

-Now renamed Netherrealm studios



Pandemic Games Studios:        imgres-1

Defunct: 2009                 Founded: 1998

*Founded by Josh Resnick and Andrew Goldman

*Founded with equity investment by Activision

Specialized in:

-Star Wars Series

-The Dark Night

-Mevanaries Series

Cause Of Defunct:

-Electronic Arts cut jobs with resulted in Pandemic shutdown



The WB Network: imgres

Defunct: 2006                          Founded:1995

*Broadcast Television Network

*Launched by Warner Bros. Entertainment, a Division of Time Warner and Tribune Company

Specialized in:

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer



-Wayans Bros.

Cause Of Defunct:

-After decline in ratings and falling behind rival, UPN,  It declined further.

-In 2006 Warner Bros Entertainment announced shutdown and launch of new network The CW




Hollywood Pictures:     imgres-3

Defunct: 2007                           Founded: 1989

*Hollywood Pictures was a label under Walt Disney Studios

*After success of Touchstone Pictures, Disney decided to open Hollywood Pictures.

Specialized in:

-The sixth Sense

-G.I. Jane

-The Rich Man’s Wife

-Dead Presidents

Cause Of Defunct:

-After declining, Disney decided to make low-budget genre films

-After a few years Disney Shutdown label






My Concept

For this project I intend to take old defunct company’s logos and recreate them as if they are still existing. I would like to do this for about 6 or 7 defunct companies logos. After the this is done I would like to create a webpage(using a free template) for the new works to be presented on. If I have enough time I also would like to make a cool, attention grabbing ad for these new recreated logos.